UI/UX Designer
karihuang logo iphone mockups.jpg

YouTube Channel

Client: myself, just-for-fun

Project Type: Visual Design

Tools: pen, paper, watercolor paint, iPhone 6S Plus camera, MacBook Pro 2017, Adobe Photoshop CC

Time: 4 hours

Goal: Redefine personal brand for YouTube Channel

Problem: Current logo was too plain, didn't represent video brand accurately

Solution: Created new logo that was more fun, playful, and personalized


I wanted to design a new logo that better represented the video content I produce on my YouTube channel. It would be displayed on the channel art banner and inside the videos on the lower right corner as a watermark. The current one was a simple sans-serif of my full name, but I wanted to update it because it felt rather plain. I wanted something more unique.


I want to show audience that my personality is: fun, creative, relatable. I confirmed this by looking for content themes and editing styles in the past YouTube videos they have created and looking for common subjects, posing styles, and colors used in my past portrait photography.

I want my personal logo to be personalized, minimal, and text-based because it fits the aesthetic that I personally gravitate towards and it describes the kind of content that I want to continue producing -- personalized and minimal.


I created a Pinterest board called 'karixhuang logo brainstorm' and search for terms that I want the logo to be inspired by including 'blue, pink, minimal, gold, watercolor, sans serif fonts pineapple, rose gold, and lights'.

I choose these keywords because they are colors that I feels are aesthetically pleasing and since we want to represent my personality -- and thus my personal preferences -- in the logo, I look for colors, textures, and shapes that I find aesthetically pleasing for brainstorming logo ideas.


➳ Content: Logo will say 'Kari Huang' instead of 'karixhuang'.

➳ Texture: Watercolor texture indicates softness (friendliness, approachability). Softer paint outlines indicates a more hand-made (personalized), and more hands-on (creative) look.

➳ Color: Navy blue and creamy shade of pink. Blue evokes a feeling of creativity, imagination, and trustworthiness; and pink evokes a feeling of friendliness, calmness, and optimism/positivity.

➳ Style: Clean, minimal, and simple. The logo will be text-based, which makes it legible, and the logo will be made from watercolor paint, which makes it an illustration without extra distracting graphics.


I pulled out my watercolor paints and brushes right away and started writing out 'Kari Huang'. I knew I wanted the colors blue and pink, so I used the dark blue, red, and white watercolor paints to mix the colors into a pleasant shade of navy blue and light pink. 

I realized the paints were mixing into other colors, and I thought it looked more interesting than three-color variation I had planned, so I kept the gradient colors.

I selected one from each letter to transfer into my computer for editing. I chose the ones that looked the most uniform in shape because they would be easier to read.

I took photos of the letters and masked the letters from the paper backgrounds in Photoshop so I could digitally edit them.

The colors looked dull so I added Hue/Saturation, Curves, and Levels layers to make the colors more vibrant, poppy, and crisp.



youtube channel logo redesign style guide.png


Logo has an expiration date because content is likely to change in a few months as I create more videos and develop a more distinct style.

I'm not sure how color-blind people will see the logo and selfishly did not account for that in the design.