The Millennial Martha // Jen

I usually take photos of people, so focusing on a tablescape was a refreshing, interesting challenge for me.

I took photos for Jen, creator of the Millenial Martha blog, where she inspires others to be their best self through creating and connecting.

I love shooting pretty things, and Jen's taste in this Thanksgiving-themed table setup was delectable! To my surprise, finding the right angles for things is much like taking portraits. It's my job to find the angle that best suits the subject to make it stand out in its own beauty. I experimented with flash and no flash and found the photos with natural shadows from the morning light looked best and were more fun to edit afterwards since they looked more dimensional.

During editing, I focused most of my time in smoothing out wrinkles in the tablecloth using frequency separation and once using the paintbrush tool in Photoshop -- which also called for adding back in object shadows of various opacity afterwards.

Overall, shooting this tablescape was a great experience in getting out of my comfort zone of shooting portraits and developing my editing skills and attention to detail of how light works on objects, the placement of shadows, and how shadows appear through glass. I'm feeling thankful for how Jen had planned several different setup combinations beforehand for more variety during the shoot, and how she considered how the color palette would fit my photography style so far. Thanks Jen!

I wouldn't mind shooting more pretty tablescapes after this lovely shoot.


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