It's Friday! I've been on a roll with scheduling posts, so here's another one!

I learned a lot from this shoot. For one, I wore a watch to keep better track of time. Two, I tried out different kinds of instructions for Rocky. 'Look that way' or 'think about this' or 'pretend this' works differently with different people, and I'm still searching for how to give better posing instructions. I also experienced the model suggesting places to shoot at, which made me think on my feet about whether that location would work with what I had in mind or not. For example, Rocky has a special area in the trees that she likes to hang out in, and I had trouble finding a way to incorporate that tree into a shot I felt compelled to edit. The sunlight wasn't hitting the way I wanted it to, and the background was too distracting for my taste. I realized that I don't have to say yes to everything the model requests, even if they are the model and the point of this shoot was to get pictures of the model. However, I find it more favorable to work on shots where I will enjoy editing later on.

After I started editing this shoot, I came across a new method of using color during post-processing: color gradients! You might notice these shots have a lot more color tone than my previous ones, and I'm glad I tried out this look. Color gradients aren't so bad.

Enjoy this shoot of Rocky!

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