Out and About (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Long overdue post (as will be rest of Thailand photos)!


January 06, 2017 -- Chiang Mai, Thailand

Steve felt much better after a restful night and had more appetite for breakfast. He ordered eggs since he craved American style food but the eggs weren't fully cooked so I let him have my spicy chicken stir fry. For the first part of the day, we decided to walk around the Old City and look at some temples.

After trying to take photos of scenery and such for the past few days, I realized that I prefer taking photos of people instead of places and things so I ended up taking many pictures of Steve.

Equipped with electrolyte powder water, map, and selfie stick, Steve was ready to explore for his last day in Chiang Mai.

Stay tuned for the next post with our scooter trip in Chiang Mai!

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