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Kari Huang is a User Experience Designer with a visual creativity background in photography and video. Contact Kari:

Morning Ceremony (Rayong, Thailand)


Morning Ceremony (Rayong, Thailand)

Kari Huang

January 07, 2017, 9-12pm // Rayong, Thailand --

Guests surrounded the family porch to witness the morning wedding ceremony of Nisa and Xing Heng with their parents. Then people lined up from oldest to youngest (or at least tried to) to congratulate the couple and wish them well. People also took turns taking group photos with the couple and just mingled. Then it was time to take a van back to our hotels to hang out and get ready for the evening reception.

With the graininess of some photos in the past few posts, I'm going to say that I don't like using auto ISO anymore. Some photos had ISO 6400 and in post-processing, I'm like, what the heck. I need to get used to adjusting it manually whenever lighting changes. I'm also trying out various color schemes for photos to see what colors I prefer to bring out in photos, so if you notice any inconsistencies in colors across different photos in the same post, that's why they're there. :3