Minsung visited Chicago a couple of weeks ago and we did a shoot together!

You know those people who can just whip out a pose called candid smile? Minsung is not one of those, which makes capturing his natural expression even more rewarding.

For this photoshoot, I tried giving different kinds of instructions such as looking in a certain direction, or making different faces while I tried to get the in-between shots of him making those faces. This was also a photoshoot where I asked the model to sit or stand on a specific object like bike racks, and I got used to shooting from a lower angle and staying out of harsh sunlight.

As for editing, I'm still loving the adjustment brushes in Lightroom, and for this shoot I started adding more definition in the lighting and facial features with dodge and burn in Photoshop. One thing I want to control more precisely is my usage of color. I still find myself doing tweaks here and there so the blues may not be consistent across the entire shoot. I also used frequency separation a lot for editing closeups of the face. It's helpful for minimizing the appearance of pores and making closeups less distracting.

Working with Minsung was a blast because he was the first of his kind of model that I got to work with. I'm liking it! He was so willing and even though he said he wasn't model material because he's never modeled before, he did so well in front of the camera and interacting with him during the shoot was pleasant. Thanks for being so flexible in working with me and for following instructions so well!

Enjoy these photos of Minsung (and Steve)!

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