La Jolla

Steve legit calls it 'La Jol-la'. We went there for a day last week during our vacation to San Diego.

My intention for this trip was to relax and work on personal branding but I didn't get done what I intended to because I ended up having so much fun actually DOING things.

Our first full day in San Diego, we woke up to a lovely view in the Sheraton hotel near the Marina Bay. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast in the club lounge, strolled around the bay during which I sent WeChat pics to my parents, explored the hotel amenities, hit up the gym for about an hour, then we showered and headed off for La Jolla. I also sat cross-legged on a chair and did my makeup outside on the balcony of our hotel room while sipping my Starbucks coffee and it felt so luxurious. :3

We had lunch at a taco place that was highly rated on Yelp on our way to La Jolla. At La Jolla, we checked out the Children's Pool, which is a quiet area of the beach where we read somewhere that we'd see seals! So we went there but didn't see any seals, so we drove maybe half a mile north on the coast to where we saw SO MANY SEALS. It also smelled like a seafood market and there was smelly, white seagull poop everywhere. The seals barked and frolicked in the sand.

I also took the time to fly my drone -- video on my YouTube channel coming next week!

We spent the rest of our trip in San Diego relaxing at the beach, scouting cold brews on draft around the city, jogging 8 miles together, getting sunburned, checking out Ralphs, Target, and Ross together at 11pm, brainstorming how to get the most nutritious and healthy food on a low budget and then cooking delicious food at our lovely AirBnB, driving around town, spending time with each other, and I even scheduled a photoshoot with a classmate whom I wish I could have gotten to know better sooner (photos coming next week).

This trip was surely rejuvenating for our minds and our relationship with each other. Enjoy these photos from La Jolla! Some were taken by Steve. ;)

More photos from our San Diego trip to come on my personal Instagram @hellokarixhuang.

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