I got to shoot with Hanna last week! She's a dancer at Visceral Dance in Chicago and runs her own dance company called Integrity Dance Company.

These photos are my second edits, since halfway through editing the first time I didn't feel satisfied with the colors as they were too cool and blue and vibrant.

I admired how muscular Hanna was, and wanted the warm tones in these images to emphasize the gracefulness of her silhouette and have the shadow lines point out the strength of her dancer body. With the rest of the image in a red tone, the blue of her leotard stood out more from the rest of the environment.

Hanna jumped a lot for these photos, and even climbed a lamp post for me. In retrospect, I should have sought out a frame first and then have Hanna do the physical work of climbing or jumping because I'm sure it gets tiring no matter how athletic you are. I appreciated all that Hanna was willing to do for the shots and I'm looking forward to planning another shoot with her soon to try out some other ideas. :)

Enjoy these photos of Hanna

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