Franko Dean x Express

Franko's got all his poses down so there wasn't much directing for me to do, which was nice as a change. I also took 1.5x as many photos as I usually do with someone who doesn't usually model because I wanted to snap as many of the poses in all the different locations as I could.

I found that some of my favorite shots are the ones where I told Franko to do something in particular such as sitting or face a certain direction instead of just letting him strike the poses he usually does. Going through the edits was also difficult because many of them looked similar to each other. This one, or this one -- they look pretty much the same. I had trouble adjusting the focus on my camera fast enough to get all the poses he did since he moves quickly, so some of the good poses with bomb lighting came out in blurry shots. I need to work on focusing my shots faster and pick and choose which poses I want to snap instead of trying to get all of them.

I learned how to step forward and direct more, especially with an experienced model. Franko gets right down to business and he has a set stash of poses he strikes for good measure, and I needed to add variety to not feel bored or like a camera button pusher. 

I love shooting in the city since the sun reflects off the skyscraper windows, providing beautiful halo-like lighting that outlines the subject.

Shooting for a commercial purpose to advertise a product is different from shooting for headshots. You focus more on the product and I want to work on bringing out the person more. I love working with people, which is why I focus on portrait photography. Maybe I need to work on more commercial shoots to better see how I feel about them.

I also need to work on my writing skills as you can see in this blog post.

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