It was so much fun shooting for Effie! Her style is so distinct from anything I've seen before and she's so sweet in person! Effie isn't really her name, but is an alter ego for Monika Latala's fashion blog at Effie's Dress.

We shot an outfit, two jackets, and a backpack at a location Monika provided from her list of interesting walls in Chicago -- so prepared, I love it! Monika was so responsive to instruction and so natural with her poses. She has a distinct look, you know? Monika kept asking me what to do with her body and had a tendency to face the camera directly, so I encouraged her to use her arms and leg positioning to create more angles in the frame and most of the time I asked her to just stand there and look in a certain direction as I snapped away. Monika told me she appreciated the posing tips I was telling her about since I explained why I wanted her to pose a certain way and went through some shots together on location. So sweet!

It was also my first time I enthusiastically used my flash -- a Canon Speedlite 430EXII with a white light dome as a diffuser. After my MCA shoot with Bethany and seeing how most of the photos turned up with dark shadows on the face, I reminded myself that I need to use flash as a filler light during the day time. We also shot in the afternoon -- around 2pm, and I'm glad there was shade where the wall was, so I practiced shooting at a time I don't usually shoot at which challenged me to practice my shooting skills with different lighting conditions.

Reviewing the photos, there were so many I liked, but I knew I should only allow myself to allot so much time to edit so many. I've learned from my past shoots that I usually select less than 10% of what I shoot to post to the blog. I'm wondering if I'm taking too many photos or being to selective with what I edit. Perhaps I can go back to re-edit some photos from past shoots in future posts? This shoot was also the first time I asked my client which photos they particularly liked so I could make sure I included them in my selection process. I would note the image number from the camera and type it into my Notes app on my phone to remember.

I loved shooting with Monika (Effie) and am looking forward to seeing what else she does with her fashion blog!

For my next shoots, I'd like to focus more on how to get my clients to act more natural instead of relying on my posing instructions, especially if we just talk over e-mail and then meet and start shooting. How to do that without sitting down and chatting over coffee first? Hmmm... pass on over any tips if you have any, please! 

<3 Kari

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