I've had so many photoshoots these past few weeks, I have a pile of backlogged projects sitting in Lightroom waiting for me to edit. The hardest part of this project was narrowing down the selection of edits. Connie was a delight to work with. She showed up before our planned meeting time and was so flexible during the entire shoot. We even enjoyed iced coffee together. We ended up going over my planned time frame and with more photos than I could have imagined from a single-person shoot. We shot some pieces she got from an exclusive Lululemon collection from a marathon in Vancouver recently. Part of the time extension could be attributed to the number of outfits shot, or maybe I just enjoyed spending my Saturday morning with Connie.

I try to stick to editing about 10% of what I shoot, and this time was no different. In fact, I edited less than 10%. Long shoots like this one take more time because I find it important to take time away from looking at the photos and to detach my bias towards the model's personality. Otherwise, I won't be able to edit all the photos I like in time for publish.

Some things I'm still working on are gradients -- where do I want light and dark, editing wrinkles from clothing, and improving composition. To make a picture look good is all about the lighting, and I want to learn how to see light and working with the lack of it better.

Enjoy these photos of Connie! Connie writes a fitness blog focused on running called Constantly | A Blog for the Girl on the Run in addition to making Boomerangs over on her Instagram @ckulll.