Chiang Mai University (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

January 06, 2017 // Chiang Mai, Thailand

Imagine if Steve and I had met at a university in Thailand. I wonder how things would be different in our relationship. Under what circumstances would our paths have crossed?

We rented a scooter from Old City to ride to Chiang Mai University to explore. Driving in Thailand is a lot different than driving in Chicago -- drivers seem more reckless and go their own way. People seemed to watch out for what was going on in front of them more than looking behind them. If a car or scooter in front of you was switching lanes, it was your job as the driver behind them to slow down and watch out for them. It seemed like looking back happened less often in Chiang Mai than in Chicago.

Chiang Mai is known for khao soi -- crunchy egg noodles with curry, so we went to a busy restaurant close to Nimanhaemin Road. It was goooood -- a lot better than the one we had at Warorot Market!

After a few hours of exploring the university area, we felt appreciative of our experiences at university in the US. Our time with the rental scooter ended too soon. We wished we had rented one sooner so we had more time to drive longer distance and explore. As night rolled around, we took a tuk-tuk to the local airport to fly to Bangkok for the wedding the next day!

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