Boston, MA

Steve and I visited Boston this past weekend and it was cold. We spent our first evening in Boston in the Koreatown(?) area and Steve got a haircut. We ate some good Korean food and didn't have a specific place we wanted to visit so just walked around in the Back Bay area. 

The next day was Saturday and we hung out in the Boston area. We visited a few historic places, went to the Aquarium, and then watched our first play together at the Boston Opera House. Saturday was the coldest day during our trip so we decided to stop by a Uniqlo for warm socks as a double layer and an Urban Outfitters in the Quincy Market area to buy a hat for me and a scarf for Steve since we weren't so prepared for the cold weather, which was about 10-20 degrees colder than what we just experienced in Chicago.

At the Aquarium, we touched some manta rays. We were surprised at how strong their fins were. Their skin was slimy and soft. Please excuse my rudimentary description of manta rays. We asked one of the staff sitting in the manta ray touch area if manta rays liked being touched and she said, "I don't know but you can ask them." Wow.

It feels nice as a couple to experience new things together. We touched manta rays, we went to a play, we experienced cold weather that we were under dressed for, we discussed what things we'd like to do together, we took turns paying for things, and we talked through hypothetical situations just to get to know each other better. Doing things together brings a different type of understanding of each other compared to just sitting and hanging out together with our own laptops. When you spend time talking to each other and asking questions to try to understand the other person better, you learn a lot more about them than just seeing things and absorbing your new surroundings in together. I especially appreciate how we handle things when problems arise and how we discuss and face the situation together, taking into account what each person values and wants to do next.

For example, we went into a restaurant that we ended up leaving because it was taking too long for them to come take our order. Plus, it was cold inside and we were short on time before the play started. The server also DGAF that there were so many people who hadn't had their orders taken yet. Given these factors of our experience, we both agreed that this was enough for us to eat somewhere else rather than stay. Imagine the conflict that would have arised if one of us did not want to leave that restaurant and the other did. However, we agreed on the same things that mattered to us. We didn't have time to wait, we were hungry, and we didn't want a server who gave no f*cks. One tip our of my past experiences: choose restaurants that have 4/5 rating on Yelp. Any ratings that are 4.5 or higher may be given out of sympathy or there may not be enough people rating the restaurant to give a balanced rating.

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